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Coach Chris from Lifetime Leisure enjoying a day on the slopes at Lake Tahoe
Do you want to share with your group how to save 90% off travel? Chris Klesh is available to speak to your organization and provide insight on how it is all possible. He'll tailor his speech based on your group's travel interest.
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Grasp the realities of affordable vacationing with Coach Chris!

Lifetime Leisure Experiences is a coaching and consulting company owned and operated by travel expert, Coach Chris Klesh. What started out as a hobby for Coach Chris has grown into a passion and now he shares his message with individual coaching clients as well as with corporate entities and non-profit groups.

It's about time . . . and how to spend it well.

Coach Chris likes to travel, and he knows that you do, too. He knows that times are tough and families are cutting back on expenses. One of the first items cut from the family budget is the annual vacation. And it’s the same story in corporate America as well; leaders and employees have cut back on using their vacation time.

We bring families together . . . so their vacation memories last forever.

Now is the time to change that mindset! Travel expert, Coach Chris will show you that you CAN and SHOULD not miss out on another family vacation again; nor should corporate Americans! Research has shown that travel is necessary for the mind, the body and spirit. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to treat you and your family to some time together just for FUN!

Dream for a moment . . . vacations to remember for a lifetime.

  • When was the last time you had a family vacation? A REAL vacation with no laptops, no cell phones no checking in with the office?
  • Do you dream of taking your family to New York, Disneyworld or the Golden Coast?
  • What about skiing in Vail or Lake Tahoe during your winter holiday break?
  • How about a girl’s spa weekend in Sedona?
  • Snorkeling in the Caribbean during spring break?
  • What about a golf week in Florida?

Vacations can now be affordably yours . . . forever.

Most often we think the cost of these dream vacations is way beyond our wildest imaginations and most daunting, way beyond our budget. Nine times out of ten it is out of our budget, but Coach Chris can teach you INSIDER TIPS and TRICKS that will show you amaze you and get you going on the vacation you SO DESERVE.

Check out how Coach Chris saved thousands of vacation dollars for his clients:

  • For the same price as a small hotel room, families vacationed in 1,400 sq. ft. units complete with a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms with full service resort amenities. They're also paying only a fraction of the retail price for golfing, skiing and other activities.
  • A visitor stayed a week in New York City in suite overlooking Central Park with two bedrooms, full kitchen, daily cocktail reception, continental breakfast and health club, for less than an ordinary New York City hotel room. Discounted preferred seats to sold-out Broadway shows and Mets' baseball games were arranged.
  • A trip to Las Vegas included tickets to Circus de Soleil, Blue Man Group, LE REVE, Bette Midler and others at half price.
  • A couple visiting Tahoe for a one-week ski vacation received upgrades from a one-bedroom unit to a two-bedroom suite and a lake view at no extra charge.
  • A couple that couldn't afford a regular vacation is now making annual arrangements at quality resorts around the world -- without hitting the lottery.

Coach Chris and the Experts know that Travel is Good for You:

  • Travel and Health Experts believe travel can save your Life
  • Research Suggests that vacations can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and a host of other ills
  • Vacations can even REDUCE THE AGING process
  • Two Vacations a year can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by fifty (50) percent
  • Children who’s families went on summer vacations did better in reading, math and general knowledge than their peers who didn’t vacation

(Conde Nast, Sept. 2009 &

What is holding you back? Let’s get that dream vacation planned today! With Coach Chris you will be soon on your way.

Survey Says: 53% of employed U.S. adults say they come back feeling rested and rejuvenated after vacation. And 53% of employed U.S. adults say they come back feeling reconnected with family after vacation. Good for your Health. Good for your Family. Good for your Professional Career.

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